Ethnic Gourmet is now pleased to present distinctive specialty dishes from Korea, Cuba and Vietnam. Enjoy these savory selections as well as your Ethnic Gourmet favorites from China, India, Thailand and around the world.

For lunch, dinner or a hearty snack, our growing menu of Ethnic Gourmet bowls, wraps and entrees will excite your senses with bold flavors, exceptional recipes and colorful ingredients. Take a trip to the grocerís freezer to experience the exotic world of Ethnic Gourmet!

Exotic taste sensations from cuisines around the world!

Ethnic Gourmet offers discriminating diners signature dishes from across the globe that will add a dash of style and a pinch of sophistication to any table. These delicious frozen meals are made with the same authentic seasonings and fresh ingredients found at your favorite ethnic restaurants—your taste buds will never know the difference!